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"WE ARE EXPERTS IN SUPPLY CHAIN EXECUTION (SCE) domain and bring 75+ years of consolidated experience within the core team.

We have hands-on in depth product knowledge in IBM /Sterling Commerce / Yantra SCE (Supply Chain Execution) products. Our analysts have extensive experience across business functions – Consulting, Product Engineering, End-to-End Product Implementation and Managed Services. Our journey as domain specialists can be summarized into 20+ solution-ing, designing and implementation experiences across multiple business verticals, including but not limited to Top Retailers across the Globe "

We have worked for retailers in world top 100 in the following areas

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World leading logistics company Market place leader University

Flagship Offerings

The passion for smart solutions

"The passion for smart solutions, years of experience with IBM Sterling SCE product and our commitment for automation have helped us create one of our flagship offering JIFFY - a test automation product specifically designed and built for IBM /Sterling Commerce / Yantra SCE products. All you have to do is just pick, click and tick.

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Service Offerings

OUR SCE SERVICES CATALOGUE is a tailor made series of specialized offerings with a clear objective to make the best use of the collective experience, expertise and learning from the SCE industry. The services are specific to the industry needs, with focus on the finer elements of the requirement or problem statement. This ultimately brings that Wow! impact to the solution-ing journey with our clients.

Training & Enablement

The Art of Training and Enablement meets the desired outcome only when the actual application experience & passion for the subject is married appropriately with the expectations of the receiving team.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply - Goethe

I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn. - Albert Einstein

THE ENABLEMENT PROGRAM IS one of OUR SIGNATURE SERVICE OFFERING. The complete series not only encompasses learning of the product features but also bundles the real time experiences and best practices from the product implementation team imparted using different media. The program has been successfully conducted for diverse audience groups comprising of Beginners, Teams with working experience on the product, Testing, Support & Engineering teams and Business Users & Analysts.

** Our best acknowledgment of the program success came through repeat requests from Top Global Retailers to conduct the programs for their different business and IT groups in the organization.


The program is a 4 step process and includes Profiling, Coaching, Assessment and Support (40 days post training).

  • Designed and Tailor-made for your Project and Organization need.
  • Experts @ work – Trainings done by Product consultants and experts
  • Medium – Case Study driven with take home reference videos
  • Result Oriented – Implementing Capability Scoring Model
  • Targets specific problem Areas - Inclusion of Application Performance Management


We believe that defining the problem statement is the most critical part of Solution-ing. Nothing can substitute the experience of having “seen it, done it, relate to it”. And that’s what our experts specializes in and do the best! If problem definition is done perfectly, 80% of the solutioning Job is accomplished. The rest is achieved by applying our experience, product know-how and consulting logic.

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End-to-End Implementation

Successful End-to-end Implementations are achieved by right governance, expert mentorship & guidance and a planned disciplined approach.. Factory models are a thing of the past. In fact most of the implementations that have failed were not due to lack of resources but due to the lack of expert planning and program oversight. Our product and implementation experts play anchor roles in implementations to navigate them successfully. This has enabled businesses implement the right solution on time with a check on timelines and budget.

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Monitoring and Performance Engineering

THE ART OF SCIENCE – empowering the power of scientific tools with the art of scrutiny, smartly connecting unrelated dots and ability to see beyond obvious. This can be developed only through experience of handling critical situations and practical knowledge of the product and its technology framework.

As we say, Data speaks the truth. You need the eye, ear and brains to interpret it. Our performance engineers use smart monitoring tools and adopt a very scientific approach to capture and continuously monitor. But the in depth knowledge of the technical boundaries of the product and years of experience in dousing fires equips them to adopt both preventive and reactive measures to engineer and fine tune performance.

‘It turns out umpires and judges are not robots or traffic cameras, inertly monitoring deviations from a fixed zone of the permissible. They are humans.’ -Eric Liu