Open Source Adaptation


Challenge 1:

Build a complex, vast and highly customized Enterprise Application. And did it get easier to get this done within a shoe string budget?


An enterprise application architecture encompassing the Web and Web Service layers was implemented using primarily open-source technologies. This was for a global client and thus there were many interaction points and complicated security requirements. The Web Application, which had more than 250 separate pages, built from scratch for this project, was successfully implemented completely based on open-source technologies. The Web Services, were again built ground up, and was implemented using open source tools.

Why Open-source

This project was run under a stringent budget and thus free and open-source applications fit the low capital cost requirement.
Furthermore, the extremely tortuous requirements, many times necessitated deep and code level understanding of the tools which we were working with. Here, using open-source applications enabled the team to dive into deepest levels of the code to understand the behaviour of the application.