Shreyas Chandrahasan


I am fondly known as the all-rounder!

“To get Game-Changing results, start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts.”- Robinhood

I strongly believe that this thought process, together with my skills on supply chain and technology enables me to be one of the best problem solvers with a simple rule to achieve quantified game changing results. I have played different roles at any different times from being a developer, designer, technical architect, product SME, Supply Chain consultant and performance engineer. The role never mattered, the impact did.

I have worked for many fortune 500 companies around the globe including Walmart, Target, Staples, DHL, ebay, Mark& Spencer, Argos on the Omni-Channel solutions.

And here is the twist, I am also an entrepreneur at heart, and have co-founded and built organizations in the supply chain space in the past.

Founding Members

Payeli Ghosh

The Biz Wiz

Well, I am known as the multi-tasker and most of the time I do justice being one. If it’s your business, you have to wear different hats as time and situation demands.

Rajmohan Harindranath

The RnD Brain

I am a staunch believer of Edison's view of 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration as the cornerstone of any inventions.

Sudhir Sen

The Data Man

I found my spirit in managing data challenges and driving insights from data.

Subin Perumbidy

The Techie Typhoon

More than a decade in the industry, but still a techie at heart. Thinking about it now, I always was!

Shreyas Chandrahasan

The Domain Demon

“To get Game-Changing results, start focusing on Game-Changing thoughts.”- Robinhood

Sekhar Prakash

The Processor Power

Way back in 2001 I kicked off my own software life cycle with a then 3-year old startup.

Advisory Board

Soumendra Mohanty

VP, Global Lead for Data and Analytics

Soumendra Mohanty is the current VP, Global Lead for Data and Analytics Services at MindTree. In his previous role as the Senior Executive and Global AIMS Lead at Accenture, he was leading the thought leadership initiatives across the Data and Analytics practise of Accenture globally. Mr. Mohanty has more than 15 years of experience of working on large Business Intelligence and Analytics programs for several Fortune 500 companies and is widely regarded as an expert and thought leader.

His experience includes information management strategy development, technology roadmap planning, DW/BI systems implementation, analytics solutions, and transforming/mobilizing large outsourcing engagements in the information management area. Mr. Mohanty has authored numerous journal, books and conference papers in the fields of data management and business intelligence. He is a regular speaker at many international conferences such as CII where he is the Keynote Speaker, informatics World Conference, Business Objects World Conference and Teradata User Conference."