Outline your problem statement

Give your customer the Enhanced and Seamless experience

Are you Omni Channel ready?

Handle your orders from different channels like online, call center, point of service, kiosk or sales force seamlessly

Evolve your Order management to support the complex set of Omni-Channel order fulfillment scenarios including

  1. Buy online return at store
  2. Buy online, ship-to home from store/
  3. Buy online, store pickup.
  4. Order in store, Ship to home
  5. Order in store, pick up in store
  6. Drop Ship

Are you facing inventory shortage for one channel and inventory pileup at other channel?

Leverage your store inventory for online channels. Get Single View Inventory– Have seamless view of inventory across all your channels Manage your inventory levels optimally and manage your working capital Protect inventory for your fast moving items and sell at higher margins Avoid over promising and get rid of your worst nightmares

Customer has come to store for a pick up, but inventory is still not picked or is in transit from another DC.

Match your promise times for store pick up orders and rush delivery orders

Do you store all your inventories in all stores?

Get your Hub and Spoke model up.

You have items to be delivered by 1 and/or 2 man delivery fleet. How do you promise to customer for the delivery and installation?

Want to treat your customer special and make them loyal?

Get Promotions, Gift cards, concessions based on customer behavior.

Are you not able to consolidate and merge your shipments?

Reduce shipping cost by shipping from nearest location or cheaper vendor or direct ship from vendor.

Are you facing problems in your reverse logistics and exchanges? How do you handle refunds and inventory disposition? Why choose expense return process for cheaper item?

Integrate with your Tax calculation and Fraud verification. Monitor your order SLAs and your priority orders

Are you facing issues having single inventory view with Mergers & Acquisitions?

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