Technology Desk

We have a collective experience of 50+ working years with leading fortune 100 customers helping them design and develop effective solutions across a wide range of technology platforms.

We have a collective experience of 50+ working years with leading fortune 100 customers helping them design and develop effective solutions across a wide range of technology platforms.

In a emerging disruptive innovation era, the complexity of managing complex technological IT landscape where the old meets the new has never been as challenging as it is today or in the future. Agility and robustness need to go hand in hand and the industry experts prediction of application life spans have become shorter

Having worked with large scale enterprise systems over the years, we have been successful in providing scalable and efficient solution to complex integration problems and targeted technology challenges. Our success in managing this complex landscape has been our deep rooted understanding of engineering fundamentals.

We’ve had unique opportunities to help customers set-up technology practice verticals, provide technology and thought leadership on a wide range of activities from architecting, team ramp-up and mentoring to delivery and roll-out. Having a proven track record of helping companies win multi-milliondollar deals we’ve a rich repertoire in pre-sales too.

Service Offerings

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Staying one step ahead of the curve in the ability to satisfy requirements is the single biggest challenge every IT department faces. Scalability, sustainability and above all adaptability are the key factors in defining a robust enterprise strategy. We help customer achieve the factors by ensuring our designs and solutions always takes care of

  • Capacity Planning
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • SOA enablement
  • Application stack – build v/s buy v/s open source adaptation.
  • Re-usable solution platforms across departments
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Key Focus areas:

Enterprise Landscape Audit and Simplification

Enterprise landscape for any business grows complex and unwieldy over a period of time and there is scope to audit the landscape from an application integration touch-point perspective. With a well-defined set of metrics to measure complexity, we manage the activities end-to-end from initial audit to implementation and conclude the exercise with a post facto audit.

Our expertise lies in
  • Technology modernization by de-tangling multiple systems’ integration through Service Orientation and hub & spoke models
  • Platform simplification by analyzing multiple applications that do significantly overlapping functionalities.
  • Enterprise standardization by finding common patterns in requirements and recommending packaged (licensed/open source) solutions and processes.

Open source adaptation

Last 5 to 6 years has seen tremendous growth in the availability of open source frameworks, tools and technologies which caters to all areas of software application development. With wider acceptance and improved commercial and community support, open source solutions are now-a-days a very viable alternative for Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products.

We have successfully helped large organizations embrace open source solutions to solve some of their key challenges and we have gained tremendous insights into evaluation, usage and post implementation support models for those technologies. BIRT, Drools, Apache Jmeter custom plugins, Apache Cordova, Mule ESB, Apache Camel, new age web technologies (Django, BootStrap, Backbone…) are a few of the open-source technologies we have helped customers adapt to.

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Product Engineering Consulting

Our expertise and experience in product development has enabled us to offer targeted product engineering consulting services to end customers. The ability to solve complex business problems in a generic fashion has enabled us to design, develop and roll-out niche products at a very competitive cost and time to market. We help with various aspects of the product development such as

  • Product road map definition
  • Scalable architecture and design
  • Capacity Planning
  • Development
  • Post go-live support

A custom bar-code scanner that can read smudged bar-codes, OAuth 2.0 implementation, a custom rules engine (based on Drools) to manage ISO 8583 messaging validation rules, a test automation product which integrates simulator and host testing for credit card transactions and provides end-to-end automation are a few examples of the solutions we have offered.

  • Automated Simulator

    An automated, modularized, plug and play regression and compliance testing system for credit and debit cards. The product supported multiple clients, simulators and hosts, moving between them just a click of a button away.

    An automated functional testing tool rivaling QTP in performance and capability was created as part of this product. A full featured test management system and a migration engine to help migrate existing test cases from other languages were other highlights of this application.

  • ACT

    An automated product providing transparency about employee activities. ACT provides analysis like hidden wastages, future attrition patterns, project success probability, clique risk analysis amongst others. Cloud based or locally hosted, this application provides feedback on individual, project or company wide along with providing information on short term and long term trends. This product supports Windows and Linux platforms and has full-fledged customization options, fraud control systems, video analysis and myriad other functionalities.

  • Mobile Platform

    A cloud based or locally hosted mobile application framework which was the primary mobile platform for many big box retailers in US and India. This product was ranked first in availability and stability and fourth in performance and responsiveness across the world. It's multi-tenant n-tier event driven auto-scalable architecture could handle peak retail demand during Black Friday and Christmas with almost no transaction losses. The front end system which included customizable Android, iPhone and Mobile Web packages included functions from standard retail applications like store locater and the ilk to the highly complex custom bar-code scanner which worked even in phones without auto-focus cameras.